Frequently Asked Wedding Questions

Who are you and what is your background?
Ryan and Valerie Sarel, husband and wife, are excited to be a part of The Camelot's long history in the area. As a family-owned and operated local business, Ryan and Valerie pride themselves on providing great locations, excellent service, and memorable experiences to our local individuals, couples, families, businesses, schools, and organizations.

Chef Ryan Sarel was trained at the Pennsylvania Culinary Institute and has over a decade of experience in the catering and fine dining industry. He continuously strives to provide high-quality ingredients and expertly prepared meals to all our guests. His knowledge and execution ensure that the menu at your event will be one of its most memorable components.

Event Manager Valerie Sarel is a La Roche College graduate who keeps her eye for detail on all aspects of your event. With over a decade of experience in the event management and customer service industries, she is well-equipped to make sure your event happens exactly the way you envision.

What is a sole use facility and what does that mean to me?
That's a very important question, and one often overlooked. At both of our venues, your event is the only function that day. There will not be another event in an adjacent room with competing music or sound systems. You won't need to worry about sharing the facility or common use areas, such as restrooms, with guests from another function. There will be no "uninvited guests," nor will you "share" our staff with another function or in-house restaurant.

When can we start our wedding reception?
At both The Camelot and The Columbian Room, we offer a six hour reception. Because we only do one event per facility per day, you are free to plug in your six hours wherever it best suits your schedule that day.

Can we have more time for our reception?
Our aim is to give every bride and groom the best wedding reception we can. Time is a major factor in this objective. We absolutely know four hours is not enough time to have a great reception. Five hours borders on not having adequate time to have both a great reception and a great party. We believe the sixth hour is necessary to ensure your guests have the best possible party we can provide. With our policy of having an open bar for all six hours of your reception, we consider any additional bar time to be less advantageous to the overall success of your party.

How can we have a beautiful wedding reception at an affordable price?
Weddings are expensive. We put the bad news right up front; our full service, all inclusive wedding reception package is $43.95. The good news is there are no hidden charges with us. Therefore, we don't have any "hidden fees" to increase your cost such as cookie traying, cake cutting, etc. Our wedding package price includes neither a DJ/Band nor alcohol.

When must we make our final decisions concerning our reception?
Often people change their minds on their menu, timing, cake choice, etc., which you are free to do until ten days before the wedding. At that time, together we will have a sit down meeting to plan your event in great detail. We will coordinate your timing, menu, cake selection, linens selection, seating diagram, and all other aspects of your reception. At this meeting we will also make an appointment for you to deliver to us all the items that will make your reception truly special such as cookies, favors, toasting glasses, cake knife, etc. This appointment usually occurs the day before your reception.

Can we have our wedding ceremony on site?
We often have both the wedding ceremony and reception at both of our facilities. As The Camelot in Warrendale is a former church, it is ideally setup for a ceremony. In fact, during the history of the venue there have been hundreds of ceremonies performed in the building. Our three walls completely covered by stained glassed windows add a special glow and ambiance for a wedding celebration. If you are interested in warm and comfortable for your ceremony, The Camelot must be at the top of your options. The Columbian Room in Wexford is located on a five acre, tree-lined lot. The grounds are very private and provide the setting for a beautiful outdoor ceremony. A ceremony on-site at either facility makes for a marvelous transition to your reception and celebration.
Reservation Procedures
  • Reserve your date early - a $500.00 non refundable deposit and a signed contract are required to reserve your date.
  • An additional $1,500.00 is required no later than 90 days after date of signed contract.
  • Balance of payment is due at our final co-ordination meeting, 10 days before the event. Cash, Money Order or Personal Checks are acceptable payment.
  • Sorry, no credit cards are accepted. Children three years of age and under are free.